Bagged Products...

Michigan Wood Fibers LLC offers numerous high quality bagged landscape products to choose from. We have bagged our high quality mulch and bark products at our facility in Zeeland, Michigan, for over 18 years. All of our bagged landscape products are palletized and shrink wrapped to ensure that you will receive the high quality products you order.

We offer statewide deliveries up to 24 pallets per truckload. As a customer, you also have the option to pick up any of our bagged products at our facility in Zeeland, Michigan. We always stock our entire line of bagged products. When you need it, We'll have it!

Majestic Mulch - Available in 2.0 Cubic ft. Bags

Red Majestic Mulch

Black Majestic Mulch

Brown Majestic Mulch

Gold Majestic Mulch

Light Brown Majestic Mulch

Natural Majestic Mulch

Shredded Hardwood Majestic Mulch Cedar Bark Mulch Cypress Mulch

Mulch Pro - Available in 1.5 Cubic Ft. Bags

Red Mulch

Black Mulch

Brown Mulch Natural Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Specialty Mulches

Cocoa Shell Mulch - 2.0 Cubic Ft. Bags

Pine Bark Nuggets - 2.0 Cubic Ft. Bags

Pine Straw - Available in Bales only

Prelude Soil - Available in .75 Cubic ft. Bags

Multi-Purpose Soil Composted Cow Manure Compost Planting Soil


Play Sand - .5 Cubic Ft. Bags Happy Hues - 20 or 40 LB Bags Landscape Hues - 20 or 40 LB Bags


Pea Pebbles - .5 Cubic Ft. Bags

Marble Chips - .4 Cubic Ft. Bags

River Rock - .5 Cubic Ft. Bags

All Purpose Stone - .5 Cubic Ft. Bags Red Lava Rock - .5 Cubic Ft Bags Pond Pebbles - .5 Cubic Ft. Bags